Relaxation by Rae Massage Therapy
Rejuvenate & Relax

Massage Services

Kriya Massage     $60 per hour

A full body massage for relief from excess emotional and physical stress. *Partial sessions can be booked.

Chair Massage     $1 per minute

A Kriya massage which focuses on the head, neck, back, arms & hands. *Done clothed

Kriya Neuromuscular     $70 per hour

A Kriya massage, leveraging deep tissue techniques to work those trouble areas

Reflexology Massage      $70 per hour

A full body massage which focuses on the reflex points in the hands and feet

Stone Therapy     $85 per hour

A Kriya massage using hot stones to melt tension in muscles & cold stones to reduce heat & inflammation.

Pregnancy Massage     $70 per hour

A massage for the moms-to-be.  Deeply relaxing, therapeutic & soothing massage used to reduce back pain, swelling, sciatic pain, stress & anxiety while laying on a comfy massage table with fully body pillow.

Reiki     $1 per minute

A Japanese word meaning, "Universal Life Energy".  It supports the body's natural ablitity to heal itself, loosens up blocked energy & promotes a state of total relaxation & cleanses the body.